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Zoom in on projects that are making a positive contribution to our global community. Get up close and personal with individuals who are turning ideas into reality.

The world really is a bit of an oyster.

About Me

My name is Maia.
I think. I write. I make. I do.

I am a Berlin-based storyteller & freelance sustainability writer interested in artists and entrepreneurs, brands and stores, farmers and beekeepers, strangers and neighbours, that guy in Mexico who is growing a food forest—in short, anyone whose work inspires and contributes.

I firmly believe that every individual possesses the potential to have a powerful impact on the world. Together, we can work to make it a better place.

About the Contributors

Special thanks to all the talented visual artists who have helped bring BTTR Stories to life:

D. Eceolaza
Sabine Zoltenere
Valeria Sambale
Elisabeth Ismail
Joël Ismail
Nina Martini
Sam Seseman
Daniel Kula

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